Developing Stories that Live

Making memories for every guest every day.

Emmerdale The Tour

Tour the live Emmerdale exterior sets!

Visitor Attraction Expertise

Developing successful and sustainable businesses.

30 Years Experience

Over 30 years. Over 20 million visitors.

We own, operate and develop successful attraction businesses for ourselves and our partners. Here you can find out about our company and explore our portfolio of attractions.

Our Heritage Attractions

Continuum Heritage Attractions take you through time to discover hidden stories about real people and places.

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Our Icon Attractions

Enjoy the down to earth delights of Coronation Street, or taste the high life at the soaring Emirates Spinnaker Tower at Continuum Icon Attractions.

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Our Explore Attractions

Immerse yourselves in country life at Continuum Explore Attractions, where history and family fun sit side by side.

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