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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility programme works on both a local and Group level to help make a positive impact  across the UK. Whether it’s our guests, our employees, or the communities in which we operate, our responsibilities are always front of mind.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety of our guests and our team is the single most important facet to our business. We’re committed to providing a healthy and safe environment at each of our attractions. We train our employees to work efficiently and safely with an understanding both of the nature of known hazards and the reasons for preventative measures.

National Living Wage

We are committed to paying employees at least the National Living Wage for all our employees irrespective of age and  in many of our attractions we pay over National Living Wage. We aim to employ the best people in the industry who will in turn deliver unforgettable memories to our guests.


Each year we fundraise for a national charity close to our team’s hearts. This year we’re proud to be raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Each attraction also selects a local charity to work with on an annual basis.


We’re striving to reduce the amount of energy we use as well as the pollution and waste we produce. We’re also increasing the quantity of waste we recycle and buy goods which are less environmentally damaging. Each attraction has a nominated member of staff to act as Green Ambassador under a central Green Champion who form a comittee dedicated to helping us in this endeavour.

Ethical Purchasing

We are working towards ensuring that all goods are sourced ethically, where possible. We also endeavour to select suppliers that are proactively reducing waste and energy use and implementing environmentally responsible practices.

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